Public Lecture: Make Australia Great Again or Make the Planet Great Again?

August 14, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Carslaw Lecture Theatre 17
Eastern Ave
Camperdown NSW 2006
Department of Peace and Conflict Studies
Public Lecture: Make Australia Great Again or Make the Planet Great Again: Is it one or the other, or both, or neither?

Speaker: Emeritus Professor Joe Camilleri

Ours is a time of turbulence, but now on a planetary scale. Many in the western world, Australia included, are anxious about the future, unsure where to turn for guidance or inspiration. Some seek to exploit these anxieties, offering black and white explanations of our predicament. For some, the problem is immigration, for others Islamic fundamentalism, or simply Islam. For others still, it’s the conspiracy about global warming, or the forces driving globalisation, or the Russian or Chinese threat.

And so, for them the cure for all our ills is just as simple: cut immigration, or ban Muslims, or keep the coal industry going, or find security in the barrel of a gun. Hence, Trump’s catch cry ‘make America great again’ and Marie Le Pen s promise of a revolution of patriots. In Australia, equivalent voices are less well known but no less shrill, and the mainstream political discourse almost wholly irrelevant.

This lecture focuses on Australia: how we see ourselves and ‘others’, how we understand our place ¡n the world, and what might be promising pathways to a more secure future.

When: Monday 14 August 2017 between 5.00pm and 7.00pm

Where: Carslaw Lecture Theatre 17, Eastern Ave, University of Sydney (first building to the right of the main City Road entrance)

Organised by: Council for Peace with Justice (CPJ) and Department of Peace and Conflict Studies (DPACS), University of Sydney


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