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Australia’s Vietnam: Myth vs History

Myths of War is an eight-part history podcast series that ‘looks for the truth in Australian military history — and explores why we sometimes believe the opposite.’

Hosted by historian Mark Dapin, author of Australia’s Vietnam: Myth vs History, the series tackles some of the biggest misconceptions of Australian military history, examining their origins and why they have persisted into the present.

The episodes can be heard on ABC Radio National on consecutive Mondays at 11.30am or via podcasts on the ABC’s website. Each episode lasts for about 25 minutes. Continue reading Australia’s Vietnam: Myth vs History

Marrickville Council: Free speech triumphant

An attempt to stop a public debate on Anzac going ahead during Marrickville’s Gallipoli commemorative program in April 2015 was defeated at Marrickville Council’s meeting on 25 November.

Previously, on 15 July, Council had agreed to “provide in-kind assistance to the Gallipoli Centenary Peace Campaign for the use of the Petersham Town Hall on 21 or 22 April 2015 to host a debate relating to Anzac Day activities”. The vote in favour of this Mayoral Minute was unanimous. Continue reading Marrickville Council: Free speech triumphant