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‘This House Believes that World War One has been Unnecessarily Glorified’, a Cambridge Union Society debate. Video published by the Cambridge Union Society on 20 Dec 2014. Debate on the legacy of World War One on Britain’s national life and identity.

Former SAS soldier Ben Griffin – I Will NOT Fight For Queen and Country, Oxford Union Society. Video and transcript of Ben Griffin’s speech published by Stop the War Coalition on 1 Feb 2014.

On 7th February 2013 The Oxford Union held the debate ‘This House Would Not Fight for Queen and Country’. It was the 80th anniversary of the original debate in 1933.

Speaking for the motion were Ben Sullivan (Christ Church College), Ben Griffin (Former SAS soldier) and Gareth Porter (US Historian).

Speaking against were Rory Stewart (Conservative MP), Nikolai Tolstoy (International Monarchist League) and Malcolm Rifkind (Former Foreign Secretary).

“Benjamin Griffin (born 1977) is a former British SAS soldier who refused to return to Iraq and left the Army, citing not only the “illegal” tactics of United States troops and the policies of coalition forces but also that the invasion itself was contrary to international law. He expected to be court-martialled, but was instead let go with a glowing testimonial from his commanding officer. He spoke to an anti-war rally in 2008 about UK involvement in extraordinary rendition the day before he was served with an injunction preventing him from speaking publicly and from publishing material about his time in the SAS.” Veterans for Peace was formed by Ben Griffin and other veterans from the British armed forces in 2011:

John D Ruddy’s videos: