Peace & Reconciliation Park

Between April and July this year, the Gallipoli Centenary Peace Campaign circulated a petition which called for Richardson’s Lookout to be co-named a Peace and Reconciliation Park. Richardson’s Lookout is bounded by Holt Crescent and Thornley Street in Marrickville South and overlooks Warren Park and the Cooks River.

With the Anzac Centenary commemorations due to begin in August 2014, we believe the creation of a Peace and Reconciliation Park at Richardson’s Lookout is timely and would serve to remind us all that we need to become more resolute about peace in the future.

Petition closed

GCPC’s petition containing 77 signatures was submitted to Council on 14th July 2014.


At Marrickville Council’s meeting on 15th July 2014, councillors unanimously endorsed the following motion initiated by the Gallipoli Centenary Peace Campaign: “That Council take a leadership role in facilitating a meeting/s with all relevant stakeholder groups (including external and internal committees) with the aim of producing a proposal considering the designation of Richardson’s Lookout as a Peace and Reconciliation Park.”

Read GCPC’s proposal here. View the attachments here. Read the full text of the Mayoral Minute and motion endorsed by Council here. Background notes on the proposal can be found here.