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Anzac Day 2023

Anzac Day Reflections have been regularly held at Richardson’s Lookout – Marrickville Peace Park since 2014.

These events, organised by Gallipoli Centenary Peace Campaign and the Marrickville Peace Group, have offered participants the opportunity to ask some hard questions, such as how our nation became involved in wars abroad, what purposes were actually being served, and what mistakes were made in prolonging hostilities, especially in relation to WW1.

This local tradition was broken in April 2020 due to COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed on public events to combat the spread of the virus.

Unfortunately, despite the popularity of the event, no Anzac Day Reflection was held this year due to Marrickville Peace Group’s resources being wholely devoted to organising the highly successful ‘War or Peace?’ forum in the Marrickville Town Hall just a few weeks prior to Anzac Day. Continue reading Anzac Day 2023